Adding a CDROM Driver to DOS

I have started to run all the old versions of Microsoft’s Operating Systems within VMware Workstation. There is no reason for this apart from wanting to see if I could remember how to! Installations of MSDOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 were simple but then when it came to Windows 95 I had to remember how to get a CDROM driver working in DOS!


For me, I was installing these OS’ within VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro but you could also go an old physical machine or any of the other hypervisors out there.


I am not going into how to install either MSDOS or Windows 95 within VMware Workstation within this post. The following assumes you already have MSDOS 6.22 installed and booted.

Within the mscdx223.exe file is the MSDEX.EXE file that you actually need. You can use 7Zip to extract the files. Once this is done you can then use WinImage to create a new floppy image and add both oakcdrom.sys and the extracted msdex.exe file:

To make things easier, the link below will take you to a pre-compiled floppy image with these two files included:

Once this is completed you can attach that floppy image to your VM and list the files you added:

Next, you have to copy the files into the correct locations on the C:\ drive:

A:\copy oakcdrom.sys c:\dos
A:\copy mscdex.exe c:\dos

You can then disconnect your floppy drive from VMware so it doesn’t try to boot from it on next restart.

You then need to type ‘edit autoexec.bat’ and add the following to the bottom before saving and exit the file:


Next, type ‘edit config.sys’ and add the following just above the last line:


Once this is all completed you can ensure a CDROM image is attached to the VM via VMware Workstation and give it a reboot. If all has gone well you should be presented with the following screen showing the CDROM driver has loaded and attached to the D:\ drive:


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