Multi Colour / Material Printing – Prusa MMU2S


I’ve been looking around at IDEX printers recently as would be good to be able to print in more than a single colour / material without having to change manually at every layer! If money was no object I’d be buying either a BCN3D Sigmax or an Ultimaker S5 – but that’s not a possibility!

Outside of buying a new printer, there were a few more possibilities:

  • Build the Hypercube Evolution into an IDEX machine. This is a maybe but probably outside of my ability at the moment!
  • Buy a Palette Pro 2. I did really think about this as can be easily transferred between printers. However, at around $700 it is still quite an expense knowing I am not going to be constantly printing with different colours or materials.
  • Buy a Prusa MMU2S for my MK3’s and MK2.5. This is the option I have chosen as cost is less than £300 and with a few user mods I ‘should’ be able to get it working well

So, I have decided to go with the MMU2S but this comes with its own worries. There are a lot of reviews that say it isn’t worth the money but then other reviews say with some mods and dialling in, it can work really well.

As I go through the process of building the MMU2S and finding what mods work, I’ll update the list below in case I need it in the future or someone else finds it useful.

MMU2S Mods

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