Technology Outlet Carbon Fibre PETG

I have purchased some Carbon Fibre PETG from Technology Outlet to use for the printed parts on my new Hypercube Evolution 600 3D printer build. However, while I am waiting for the frame and hardware to be delivered for this build, I wanted to test this CFPETG to see how it printed and if it CFPETG really is that much stronger than ‘normal’ PETG.

For my filament tests I always print a Moai head that I found on Thingiverse. I do this as it is quite a good test for overhangs etc.

I printed this on one of my Prusa Original MK3’s which has a Bondtech extruder and E3D hardened steel nozzle. I also used Chris Warkocki’s Atomic CFPETG profile and simply changed the extruder temp from 250c to 245c at it better suited the Technology Outlet filament.

Below are some pictures of this first print using the CFPETG filament and I am very impressed with how well it printed and how strong it is. So impressed that I have decided to reprint all of plastic parts on this MK3. Once printed and installed I’ll reprint the Moai head to see if there is any difference in quality.

Once I have reprinted all the MK3 parts (some Bear), I’ll post again with some new photos and update if there has been any quality improvements.


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