Prusa MK3 – CFPETG Upgrade – Parts List

As I am reprinting all the printable parts on my Bondtech Prusa Original MK3 in Carbon Fibre PETG, I thought I would list all of the parts that I am printing. This is because the parts I have installed are not all stock and quite a few are improved by the community.


As mentioned, I am using the Bondtech upgrade on my MK3. The reason for this is simply because I was totally unable to print flexible materials on either of my MK3’s or my MK2.5. The Bondtech comes with all the parts printed in Nylon via an SLS 3D printer so there is no reason to look at reprinting. However, there are a number of other parts that are required.

X Axis

I am using the excellent Bear X axis designed by Grégoire Saunier.

Z Axis

I am using a reverse bowden setup to feed filament from the right hand side of my printer rather than above. Because of this I am using a different set of Z top mounts but stock Z motor mounts.

Y Axis

The Y axis is a mixture of community parts with only the heatbed cover being stock.

LCD Cover & Mounts

Multi colour!!!

Einsy Rambo Cover

Again, all stock.

And that’s it until I complete my HEVO build and can get around to rebuilding my MK3’s to full Bears!


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