checkmk – 1.6.0b1 (beta) released

checkmk 1.6.0b1 (beta) released
checkmk 1.6.0b1 released

Along with ‘Check_MK’ getting a slight rename to ‘checkmk’ and a new web site of, there has just been a new beta version released – 1.6.0b1. As my installation at is only currently monitoring a couple of servers, I thought it would be a good time to upgrade and document the process.

Take AWS Lightsail Snapshot

To ensure I have a backup of my checkmk server before upgrading, the easiest way for me is to create a snapshot on my AWS Lightsail instance. To do this it is just a matter of clicking into the Lightsail instance, going to the Snapshot tab, creating a meaningful name and then hitting ‘Create Snapshot’:

checkmk Snapshot
Creating a Lightsail snapshot

This can take ~5mins to complete but once there, if you have an issue with the running instance you can simply delete that instance and create a new one from the snapshot. Deleting the instance does not delete the snapshot.

Update Ubuntu

It is best practice to ensure the OS is fully patched before installing the updated version of checkmk (or any application).

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo reboot

Download and Install checkmk Update

The first thing is to download the latest version of checkmk and then install – obviously!

cd ~/downloads
sudo gdebi check-mk-raw-1.6.0b1_0.bionic_amd64.deb

At this point 1.6.0b1 has been installed but the existing site has not been upgraded. As you can see from the following screenshot, I am still running version 1.5.0p16:

omd sites

This is one of the great things about checkmk as it allows you to try the latest versions on a test & dev site on the same server that is running your production environment with a stable version.

Upgrade checkmk Site

To upgrade the master site (in my scenario) to 1.6.0b1, the following command needs to be completed:

sudo omd stop master
sudo omd update master

checkmk Update

Now, when you run ‘omd sites’ you will see that your site has been upgraded to the latest installed version:

checkmk Sites

At this point issue the following command to restart the site after the upgrade:

sudo omd start master

To double check you have upgraded the server to this new version, go to the checkmk URL ( in my case) and you’ll see the version number in the log in box:

checkmk Login

Upgrade Host Agents

The final part of the upgrade process that needs to be completed is to upgrade all the hosts agents to this latest version. In the Enterprise version of checkmk, it is possible for the agents to automatically update when the server updates. On I am running the RAW version of of checkmk which does not have this functionality so have to complete manually. Not a problem with just two hosts!

You can get the URL for the updated agent by logging into your checkmk server and going to Monitoring Agents. I have shown how to find this URL in the checkmk install post so won’t go over it again here. Once you have the URL, the following commands are required (replace URL):

cd ~/downloads
sudo gdebi check-mk-agent_1.6.0b1-1_all.deb

Once the Check_MK service next reloads it will show the latest version of the host agent running:

checkmk Host Version

And that’s it! I am now running the latest version of checkmk and the above process can be used to update to the newer versions when they are released.

The only thing left to do is remove the AWS Lightsail snapshot when you are happy the upgrade hasn’t caused any other problems. I normally leave it in place for 24-48hrs to be sure.


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