New 3D Printer Build – Hypercube Evolution – Part 1

Hypercube Evolution

I’ve decided even with having four 3D printers at the moment, there is always room for one more! I have been looking at building a CoreXY printer for a while just as something different to the cartesian style I have always used before.

Back when I started getting interested in 3D printing, I came across a YouTube series from Tech2C who was building a new CoreXY printer of his own design he called Hypercube. If you haven’t watched the build series, I highly recommend you do.

The Hypercube used 2020 aluminium extrusions which looked ideal but the cantilever bed and single Z axis looked a little flimsy in all honesty. I then noticed a remix of the Hypercube called the Hypercube evolution by Scott3D. It took the basic design of the Hypercube but ‘beefed’ it up a lot by using 3030 aluminium extrusions and the option to use a dual Z axis. Again, there is a great build series:

So, as for my new build; I have decided to go for the Hypercube Evolution (HEVO) and will hopefully be able to document all of the build as I go. So far all I have ordered is the frame and hardware from RatRig as want to get that built before then looking into each of the components such as mechanical and electrical.


I have gone for the 800mm Z axis version which will give me a build volume of 300mm (x) x 300mm (y) x 600mm (z), however I may look at using this extra height for electronics storage over build volume.

The only other decision I have currently made is to print all the parts out of Carbon Fibre PETG from Technology Outlet via Amazon. I bought a roll to re-print all the parts for my Bontech equipped Prusa MK3 but this seems to be a good initial candidate!

Finally, I have shared both my BOM (Bill Of Materials) and HEVO Configurator which I’ll be updating with progress as I go. These can be accessed using the links below:

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